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Back pain ? Maybe it's time to renew your spa!

Back pain can be relieved with the spa. Indeed, a single session promotes the relief of back pain. It also allows good blood circulation in the joints where the pain is severe. A spa session also relaxes the muscle fibers for optimal relaxation of the whole back; and while triggering the healing process. You should also know what precautions to take if you plan to go to the spa for back pain.

Follow the required precautions

After all, a spa treatment is not the ideal place to treat back pain. It can happen that makes the situation worse because lying down either on your stomach or on your back can be painful. However, a spa treatment is not a contraindication in the event of pain. You just need to take a few precautions. When adopting the supine position, it is recommended to place a rolled-up towel on the knees. In the case of a position on the stomach, the towel should be placed under the stomach. You must strictly follow these prescriptions in order to have positive results.

All about the contours of the spa

Massage is much more prescribed to deal with tight muscles. This allows the patient to relax well. Sometimes, lying down for an hour while taking all the precautions recommended above can be beneficial. To fully benefit from these benefits, try changing the jacuzzi spa pump every year. All in all, it can be said that the spa has advantages and disadvantages as part of the treatment of back pain. For more details on these two sides of the coin represented by spa treatment, consult an expert in the field.

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