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Tonic aquagym sessions

Aquagym tonic is gymnastics practiced in water. This complete sport activity is ideal for keeping fit, toning muscles and burning calories. It is generally practiced in a swimming pool.

The practice of aquagym tonic

The practice of aquagym tonic is done in groups of people, in a swimming pool with a sports coach. This aquatic sport allows you to work the whole body and the cardiovascular system with energy and tone. All the multiple variations of aqua aerobics exercises can be performed there. With music, move with fries or dumbbells and strengthen your muscles, lose weight.

The benefits of aquagym tonic

Aquagym tonic is suitable for everyone. The risk to the joints when exercising in water is less if not zero. If you have any doubts about your health, see a doctor first for advice. If your health does not allow it, you can always opt for the low cost jacuzzi spa.

Otherwise, tonic aqua aerobics burns calories since the practice of this sport consumes a lot of energy, thus working your endurance. But moreover, in a very precise way, it can shape your figure and eliminate cellulite thanks to exercises which work the places of the body that you want to modify, and to the massaging effect of water which makes it possible to reduce cellulite, all refining the silhouette. Another advantage of tonic aqua aerobics is the effect of well-performed repetitive movements that tone the muscles. Finally, moving in the water already helps stimulate blood circulation.

Do you like to exercise, exercise and at the same time enjoy considerable body benefits? Try the aqua aerobics tonic. Starting now, inquire at swimming pools near you to register for a course.

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