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Make sure you find the right tub for you and your needs

For many years, the swimming pool has been on the rise. This is because it blends a tubs jacuzzi physical activity cleverly with relaxation of a Spa, which is due to its dual purpose. Presentation, functionality, criteria, usage ... Find out how the swim spa can be selected.

Presentation and functionality of the swimming pool

  • If you can't swim in the lengths (it's between 4 and 6 m), then the bather can float against the current at the swimming spa.
  • A function allowed by a mechanism that leads to high pressure jets that generate a swimming current. In fact, the strength of this current is adjustable.
  • This type of wellness center is a subterranean spa that can be equipped with numerous aqua muscles to accompany a swim against the tide.
  • The swimming pool is easily replaced by a family pool as it can hold up to 15 people (depending on its size).
  • The swimming spa offers a dual sports and relaxation function to the facilities and has a special massage sockets for relaxation.

The numerous swimming pool models and their particularities

Two key bathing models are available on the market and most importantly available with tropicspa for everyone who need one:

Swim spa single or mono-pool

Without differentiation or difference the balneotherapy area and the counter current swimming area have the same pool. The strength of the jets and the water temperature are selected based on the usage made by the equipment at T. The massage nozzles and the massage nozzles can not therefore be individually modified. The tide's swimming.

The spa is in the double sector

There are two distinct sections of the swimming area and of the relaxing area. You do not have to select one of the features of the spa here as both areas can be used concurrently.

Note: the swimming area does not exceed the 34 ° C minimum to assess the relaxing area of a spa at a temperature of 37 ° C.

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